Blazin' Quartet

Olivier Laisney - trumpet
Federico Casagrande - guitar
Mihail Ivanov - double bass
Srdjan Ivanovic - drums

guests : Christophe Panzani – tenor sax Magic Malik – flute

Twisting and tweaking conventions, Blazin’ Quartet is a band that’s been defying the borderlines of jazz, improvised, world and electronic since 2008.

Led by drummer Srdjan Ivanovic, they have released 3 albums, each with a different approach and with a fourth en route, the band is an airfield for musical take-offs, free of stylistic constraints.

Surprising audiences and critics since their debut, they have won several prizes (Dutch Jazz Competition a.o.) and have since toured in Europe, Asia and America and played at festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival.

The band’s sound is amplified by guitarist Federico Casagrande, not unreasonably called “a six string poet” (Jazz News – France) the trumpetist Olivier Laisney, one of the most prodigious instrumentalists from France and bassist Mihail Ivanov, the corner-stone of the band. This truly European band brings together Srdjan’s influences ranging from traditional music of the balkans to the concepts of cutting edge modern jazz into a fusion of melodic, poetic and spiritual music.

Previously they have recorded two albums on Challenge Records, Finding A Way (2010) and Jalkan Bazz (2012) and La mer, la pierre, la terre, l’oiseau (2017 Coolabel). The band is preparing it’s new release, due in 2021.

About Srdjan Ivanovic :
Srdjan’s odyssey begins in Sarajevo, from which in 1992, fleeing the war at the time, he moved to Athens, Greece with his father, a classical guitarist and composer. During and after his studies in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, he won numerous awards and competitions and was praised by the jury and press for the originality and organic feel to his playing and compositions. He was also awarded a 6 month free study program in New York, from the Prins Bernhard Foundation. Since 2014 he has moved his base to Paris, France.