New album! Nouvel album!

The new album is coming out 12th of May!
Release concert in Sunset, Paris the 18th of May!

Le nouvel album sort le 12 mai!
Concert de sortie le 18 mai au Sunset!


Thanks for the crowd fund support without whom the upcoming release (May 12th) of La mer, la pierre, la terre, l’oiseau would not be possible:
Srdjan Grujičić, Vladimir & Ema Nikolova, Susan Ferrary Simon, Milica Pićurić, Janel Mladenović, Milica Rebić, Srdja Lješević, Athanasios Chatzis Rodopoulos, Andreas Woehle, Emina Hasović, Lela & Rašid Hasović, Hema Shanaat, Nassia Vlachou, Hans Kuijper, Jolien Plat, Natalija Milanović, Marija Deanović, Fahira Zvizdić, Vojislav Ivanović, Onno Petersen, Jeanne Drennan, Maria Toufa, Andreas Petrakis, Yordan Zhechev, Marianna Kapellou, Ivana Marinković, Cleo Frantzidou, Yoko Otake, Zorica Stanojević, Natalie Nevares, Nemanja Markešević, George Dounias, Igor Jović, Tamara Aleksandrić, Rowena Jozić, Cybele Castoriadis, Diana Ignjatović, Perrine Pivette, Akis Tsiotsios, Liv Monaghan, Damir Pandžić, Clement Auvray, Jeff Andreoni, Josie Madison, Dimitar Bodurov, Zlatan Hajlovac, Carole Weil-Franck, Dimitris Papageorgiou, Fabrice Borrel,Marc Chalaux, Marc Buronfosse, Stéphane Tsapis, Stelios Chatzikaleas, Joao Driessen, Marion Samuel, Catherine Ferrary Simon, Jean Philippe Carlot, Marina Jančevska, Jasna Džudželija, Corbin Hugo, Despina Sinou, Mirjana Cvijanović, Čedomir Milivojević, Sven Bergström, Isabelle Mahiou, Séréna Fisseau, Clement Auvray, Miloš Damnjanović, Marinos Tranoudakis, Lefteris Stamatelopoulos


Turneja u Srbiji počinje sutra! The tour in Serbia starts tomorrow!
3/4 Pančevo Kulturni Centar
4/4 Novi Sad FTTS
5/4 Subotica Klein House
6/4 Kragujevac SKC
7/4 Beograd Mikser House

Announcement on RTS Internet Portal

Crowdfunding now live!

Please help support the new album release by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign.

The deadline is March 28th and we need to collect the full amount requested in order to receive the funds, so please click and share away!

Contribute here !

crowd funding

December in Paris

The band is meeting for the first time in the new lineup in which we recorded our new album (coming in 2017) for two special shows. December 10th in Bab’Ilo, starting 20h,featuring our special guest on the album Federico Casagrande and the 15th at Les Disquaires, in quartet, which will be filmed and recorded, so come and shout, make your voice stay in (probable) eternity.
Mark your attendance here !

New album coming

The band’s getting out of hybernating mode to record a new album in February. We have new line-up for the record and a special mystery guest.
Stay tuned for more news!

Tour in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Finally a tour in my (Srdjan’s) home country, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Centered around the Zelenkovac Festival ZELENKOVAC.ORG , we’ll be also playing in Sarajevo and Mostar.

Looking forward to play some new music, redone old music and some total improvisation this summer.

This tour is supported by SPEDIDAM – the organization protecting and distributing the performance artists’ rights in France.

« LA SPEDIDAM est une société de perception et de distribution qui gère les droits des artistes interprètes en matière d’enregistrement, de diffusion et de réutilisation des prestations enregistrées »

Split & Zagreb

February will be Blazin’, warming up in Amsterdam on Feb 15th with Andreas Polyzogopoulos on trumpet, followed by a small tour in Croatia , the 28/2 in Split (closing the jazz festival there) and 1/3 in Zagreb 1/3, Croatia with this time the saxophonist Christophe Panzani with us.

Info Split

Article in Soundguardian about BQ

Article in Jutarnji List about BQ

FB Invit Zagreb

Mainz, Paris, edition française

Last 2 concerts in Paris and Meinz were a musical blast, the band reformed into an edition française and hit it off with Christophe Panzani on tenor sax (+ tons of effects) and Timothée Robert on el. bass. More of this edition of the band in France soon!

Blazin' Collective

This is a new format of the band – slightly enlarged, not only do we get a harmonic instrument (Franz von Chossy – Piano) but a small horn section as well (Joao Driessen – T Sax, Andreas Polyzogopoulos – Tpt, Michael Rorby – Tbne) ! Here’s an excerpt from our concert in MLK in Amsterdam.